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Tuesday 8.45 – 9.00am and Thursday 2.30 – 2.50pm 

Dress Code Rationale

The School Board has decided on a dress code for all students attending school believing it will: – foster and enhance the public image of the school – assist in building school and team spirit – ensure students are appropriately dressed for attending specific school activities – encourage equality among students Purpose

This policy provides guidelines for the implementation of Department of Education policy. Further, it provides enrolling parents with clear school expectations. It sets out the requirements for clean and appropriate dress, giving school expectations of personal presentation for students whilst at school and when representing the school out-of-hours.

It sets out the agreed measures for dealing with students not following dress code and grounds for modification or exemption for individuals. Guidelines Enrolment assumes that the parent/caregiver and student agree to the school’s dress code. Exemption/ modification to the code for individuals will be considered for religious or health reasons. Parents need to make an appointment with the Principal to gain agreement prior to carrying out the modification/ exemption.

Students should ensure that they take appropriate precautions for protection against the sun at all times of the school year. Students are expected to adhere to the school’s dress code unless provided with an exemption.

Dress Code Requirements


Yellow Shirt
Year 6 Graduation Shirt
Green Shorts
Green Skort
Green Wide Brimmed Hat


As for summer
Green Jumper/Jacket
Green Track Pants


Faction Shirt (optional)
Wide brimmed hat. 


Backpack, Library Bag, Reading/Homework bag, Art shirt 


No black clothing. Hair tied back where and when appropriate. Sleeper or study only for piercing, removed for contact sport. Rain jackets to be removed in class. All uniforms and footwear to be clean and suitable for school activities.


The following approach will be used for students not following the dress code: 

  • Discussion with their teacher and/or admin
  • Parents will be contacted to gain support and give assistance where necessary. 


This policy should be read in conjunction with the school’s behaviour and sun smart policies and is the responsibility of all staff, parents and students to follow its direction. It is important that everyone feels a part of the Beechboro Primary School team.